Articles and Books

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart has a Marketing Solution for the Recession?
By Jeremy Gershfeld, The Quartet Approach and Judy Franks, The Marketing Democracy

The Silo and the String Quartet
“This music is like a complex puzzle; everyone must understand how each part fits into the big picture, and how they can utilize each other’s diverse talents.”
Jeremy Gershfeld, 2007

The Quartet Approach: How Leadership Emerges When We Engage Our Colleagues
Jeremy Gershfeld, (Forthcoming in late 2008)
A full explanation of how learning, leadership, communication and teamwork are informed, enriched and improved by understanding the listening capabilities required to create a successful string quartet performance.

Recommended Reading
Argyris, Chris. Good Communication that Blocks Learning. Harvard Business Review On Point Learning, 1999.
Double loop learning means examining the root cause of your problems, and its system. Ultimately, everyone in a learning organization must take responsibility for this.

Dweck, Carol. Mindset: The New Psychology of Success. Random House, 2006.
Intelligence is not fixed. Those who are always striving to learn generally surpass those who believe they are
endowed with a fixed endowment of ability, no matter the size.

Goleman, Daniel.
Emotional Intelligence. Bantam Books, 1995.
Dan Goleman’ s writing on emotional intelligence conveys the importance of knowing one’ s own thoughts and
feelings, sensing others, and understanding how to act in this environment

Goleman, Daniel.
Working with Emotional Intelligence. Bantam Books, 1998.

Goleman, Daniel, Boyatzis, Richard, McKee, Anne.
Primal Leadership. Harvard Business School Press, 2002.

Hackman, J. Richard.
Leading Teams: Setting the Stage for Great Performances. Harvard Business School Press, 2002.
Richard Hackman writes about the conditions that increase the likelihood that your teams will work well. You cannot ignore his important thinking in this work.

Heath, Chip, Heath Dan.
Made to Stick, Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die. Random House, 2007.
Chip and Dan Heath show you how to strip your idea to its core, and then how to execute it.

Gardner, Howard.
Frames of Mind. Basic Books, 1993.
How do we think differently from each other, and how to understand this diversity?

Isaacs, William.
Dialogue and the Art of Thinking Together. Currency/Doubleday, 1999.
Seminal book on thinking with others and how to communicate.

Katzenbach, Jon and Smith, Douglas.
The Wisdom of Teams. Harper Collins Books, 1993.
The performance goal organizes everything.

Langer, Ellen J. Mindfulness. Addison Wesley, 1989.

Lencioni, Patrick.
The Five Dysfunctions of Team. Jossey-Bass, 2002.

Letvin, Daniel.
This is Your Brain on Music. Dutton, 2006.

Lewis, Thomas, MD, Amini, Fari, MD, Lannon, Richard.
A General Theory of Love. Vintage Books, 2000.
Your limbic brain is in charge of more of your decisions than you realize.

Martin, Roger, and Austen, Hilary.
The Art of Integrative Thinking. Rotman Management Quarterly, Fall 1999.

Negroponte, Nicholas.
Creating a Culture of Ideas. MIT Technology Review, February 2003.
Innovation is messy. Learn from different people, and interpret their ideas in your context.

Pink, Daniel.
A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future. Penguin Group, 2002.
Coordinating both hemispheres of our minds is the key to succeeding in our current and future society.

String Quartets to listen to:

Quartets worth following and some notable discography

Fry Street Quartet
An impassioned group that cares about their music. You sense the connection to the music when you hear this
group play.

Vermeer Quartet
Unfortunately, they are retiring at the end of 2007. Fortunately, the discography of this eminent group continues.
Their Grammy nominated recording of the Bartok string quartets on Naxos illuminates why Bartok’ s quartets are the true heir to Beethoven’ s seminal string quartets.

Guarneri Quartet
They enjoy making beautiful music with a collective sound that is for hedonists. If you like lush and complex wine,
you’ ll want to listen to their famous recordings of the string quartet literature.

St. Lawrence String Quartet
A Canadian Group that has a wild man artist for a first violinist. He also happens to be a good basketball player.
They’re a terrific group to hear.

Juilliard String Quartet
The origins of this group go back 60 years. Nobody in the current incarnation of this esteemed group has
been with them since the inception, but their tradition of intellectual rigor continues. This group was the
first to champion many contemporary string quartets, and is the paragon of musical integrity.