Why do you need The Quartet Approach?

When an organization desires more productive working relationships, we serve as a catalyst for discovering the important truths about teamwork. We challenge people to think in new ways about how their actions affect their colleagues and in turn their entire organization.

Where do we start?

We meet with your organization in advance to discuss problems and objectives. We then
address the specific needs of your team in order to develop a customized program.

Based on your organization’s needs, The Quartet Approach illustrates the following concepts:
  • Developing the trust necessary to better communicate with our peers
  • Engaging the talents of each team member
  • Motivating a work process that achieves desired results
  • Creating self awareness within a team
  • Developing well-defined roles that fit harmoniously into the big picture
  • Building leadership skills through productive listening
This interactive seminar with string quartet performance takes two hours.

The Experience

The Quartet Approach
employs a performing string quartet to demonstrate teamwork excellence. During the 2-hour program, the clients are seated among the musicians. While the quartet rehearses and performs, the clients experience a team working together from within. Step by step, they become aware of the quartet' s progress towards their goal. At multiple times during the session, the clients (as well as members of the quartet) are guided through an illuminating dialogue about the work process as it unfolds. When the quartet performs, a powerful message is discovered about teamwork excellence, effective communication, successful leadership and the need for innovation.

When the quartet performs, a powerful message is communicated about teamwork excellence. You hear it, and you feel it.