Experience The Quartet Approach
It will change the way you think about teamwork

The Quartet Approach shares insights on how its members come together, how the group works together and how it solves problems along the way. Step by step, you hear the results of the quartet’s work process contributing to a coherent whole. When the quartet performs, a powerful message is communicated about teamwork excellence.

Experience a team from the inside.

Sitting among a string quartet while the musicians are rehearsing and performing, you experience a team working together from within. Progressively you become aware of the quartet’s steady advance toward their goal. You hear it —you comprehend it. You feel it —it transforms you.
Our leadership emerges when we engage our colleagues.

Discover the power of great teamwork
through a musical performance.

Imagine four individual musicians assemble to rehearse and to perform a concert. The quartet’s performance is judged on stage in front of an audience. There is no margin for error.

The string quartet is a self-directed team. Their team must work together to perform music of the highest complexity. Success depends on achieving an extraordinary level of teamwork. Their team only has one chance to get it right.

How do you learn about effective team dynamics by watching and listening to a string quartet?
This is The Quartet Approach.

The music is similar to a complex puzzle; each musician must understand how each part fits into the big picture, and how they can utilize each other’s diverse talents.